Usability Testing Usability testing can take many forms, from quick-and-dirty informal user testing, to formal lab testing. Which one is chosen depends on the situation and client needs.

Often, informal testing reveals most problems that would be found through more formal means. However, a lab study is more structured and provides a better sense of comprehensive usability.

UsableXperience's founder Kevin Kell has deep experience in usability testing, having began his career as a Usability Specialist at online pioneer CompuServe in Columbus Ohio. Kevin has completed over 50 lab tests.
BlueShield of CA: Explanation of Benefits We conducted a series of formal usability tests complete with video and session logging. This test was a bit different from normal usability tests in that paper was used (print usabillity) to present to users the test artifacts. The items to be tested were Explanation of Benefits that are regularly sent to BlueShield customers. It's common that EOB's are obtuse and poorly-designed, so our work was helpful in determining the right way to present medical and billing information to customers.
Services rendered: Formal Usability Test